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Ruby Deep Copy

The fundamental difference between the dup and clone method provided by ruby is that dup does not copy the eigenclass. Also it does not copy the frozen state of the object in question.

Both are shallow copies.

class Testing  
  def hello
    p 'calling from class'

foo =  
def foo.hello  
  p 'calling from singleton'

s.clone.hello # => 'calling from singleton'  
s.dup.hello  # => 'calling from class'

foo = {:testing => {:cool => 'swell'}}  
foo_clone = foo.clone  
foo_clone[:testing][:cool] = 'not cool'

#foo[:testing][:cool] Will now be 'not cool' as well

This leads us to the question of how to perform a deep copy. The Marshal Module is used for this!

foo_dump = Marshal.dump(foo)  
foo_clone = Marshal.load(foo_dump)  
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