Ember Data Custom Transforms

I'm relatively new to both EmberJS and Ember Data, however picking it up and using it to build an app from scratch has been both a really rewarding experience and a breeze. However, a few days back, I stumbled upon a minor hiccup while working on a feature. The problem

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Hacking and adding custom helpers to Ghost

Warning: The code I'm about to mention below isn't a good practise. As far as I am aware, Ghost does not currently support adding custom HandleBar helpers but plan on doing so soon. I wanted to change the behavior of my blog so as to display the blog cover only

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Now on Ghost!

I'd like to welcome you all to the new home of my blog! What's new in my life? I know I haven't added any new content in ages. As usual, everything has been pretty calm. Events that I feel are worth mentioning are: I now work @ KuroBase. A Database as

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Classes vs Modules for Obese Models

The concept of Thin controllers and fat models is preached heavily to individuals who are just picking up Rails. In my opinion the same concern should be extended to models as well. Quite often is it the case that models in a Rails app tend to get really large(1000

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Interesting Rails Feature - Active Model Dirty

This feature isn't used nearly as much as it deserves to be. ActiveRecord objects keep a track of whether any of their attributes values have changed via the ActiveModel::Dirty module. # Loading an object to memory user = User.find 29 # changed? lets us know whether any modifications were made to

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Appending Pivotal Tracker story Ids to git commits

At work, we've adopted the habit of using Pivotal Tracker's hooks to keep a track of Git commit messages in the form of comments corresponding to their relevant pivotal stories. The advantage of this is that all other developers are aware of what is going on and the clients can

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