on Ghost, Jekyll

Now on Ghost!

I'd like to welcome you all to the new home of my blog!

What's new in my life?

I know I haven't added any new content in ages. As usual, everything has been pretty calm. Events that I feel are worth mentioning are:

  • I now work @ KuroBase. A Database as a Service provider for Couchbase. The tech stack is pretty neat and I've worked on quite a lot of the foundational functionality(being employee #1 ^^). Will definitely elaborate on this in a future blog post.
  • Lost a fair amount of weight. However since the past few months have been slowly gaining it back. Need to reboot my exercise regimen.
  • Dubai trip! Had a ridiculously expensive meal at the Burj Al Arab. However, it was definitely worth it. Prior to the meal, I had no idea that food could possible taste so good!(With the exception of bone marrow! I guess it is an acquired taste)

Enough Digressions Back to business!

I'd been sitting on a free Wordpress account for ages and had actually migrated all of my posts to a self-hosted Jekyll instance quite a while back.

Why on earth would I move away from Jekyll then? For all intents and purposes, Jekyll is bloody brilliant. However, I think it is important to play around with technology stacks one isn't familiar with which in my case would be that of Ghost + I don't have to be in Vim to write content and can write from the comforts of a mobile device.

For anyone interested in giving Ghost a try, I'd definitely recommend to go for it! The set up is ridiculously easy. I just walked through a really good Digital Ocean blog post and had Ghost set up in under 15 minutes!

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