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Moving to CrunchBang(#!)

After using Ubuntu as my primary Operating System for the past 3 years, I decided to give another Linux distribution a try.

The number of Linux flavors out there is ridiculously large. I decided to opt for #! because it is Debian based and hence wouldn't affect my office productivity by a significant amount. That along with it being extremely light weight seemed to be reasons good enough to justify choosing it.

For reference sake, my notebook is a Asus S56CA


Installing #! proved to be a breeze. Following the setup wizard was a no brainer and as expected it included the functionality for me to repartition my drives in a simplistic mannner. Within a couple minutes I had #! installed.

After booting for the first time a nifty script executed which asked and installed extra applications/drivers as per my needs(Printer drivers, Libre office etc). This process took around 30 minutes.

Issues faced

I faced a couple of minor issues that I'll briefly mention below and how I resolved them.

Earphone Issue

One of the first issues was that if I plugged in my earphones no sound would come from them. It is important to note that sound from the notebook speakers was working as expected.

After a quick search in the #! forums, I came across the following thread and the solution in post #2 worked perfectly

Switching Capslock/Control keys

I am used to switching the capslock key and the control key with one another. The reason behind this is that I use vim as my primary text editor and by doing so I can use the control key without moving my hand away from the home row.

In Ubuntu there is an option in the UI to implement the switch. For #! I had to use xmodmap directly.

After saving the following snippet in a file, I just executed the following command in terminal xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap.

remove Lock = Caps_Lock  
remove Control = Control_L  
keysym Control_L = Caps_Lock  
keysym Caps_Lock = Control_L  

Touchpad issues

My right click wasn't working out of the box. After a bit of reading and some hit and trial I came up with values for me to manuall map the middle click and right click functionality onto the touchpad. I'm quite sure these values will vary from touchpad to touchpad.

synclient VertEdgeScroll=1 &  
synclient TapButton1=0 &  
synclient ClickPad=1  
synclient RightButtonAreaLeft=1787  
synclient RightButtonAreaRight=3249  
synclient RightButtonAreaTop=1822  
synclient RightButtonAreaBottom=4446  
synclient MiddleButtonAreaLeft=1462  
synclient MiddleButtonAreaRight=1786  
synclient MiddleButtonAreaTop=1822  
synclient MiddleButtonAreaBottom=4446  

After calculating and testing them out I put them into the autostart script file that executes whenever openbox loads.

Brightness issue

Whenever I reboot my notebook(which is pretty rare) the brightness of the display is resetted to a value that makes it pretty dim. Since this occurs very rarely I haven't gathered the motivation to look into how I can resolve this issue, though I defintely should.

Opinions on #!

So far so good! Its super light weight and doesn't have the bloat that comes loaded with Ubuntu. The UI is really clean and minimalistic. I really like that fact that it comes with just the core applications that any regular user requires such as a media player, a basic web browser, a file editor etc.

Also, since I have to read up and interact with the Terminal quite a bit more, I think I'm learning quite a lot more.

If I face any issues I'll update this post.

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