Getting familiar with Go in 48 hours

The Gopher Gala hackathon is currently in progress. I thought it would be a nice way to get familiar with the GO programming language while attempting to implement a simple Twitter based game.

The Idea

The idea behind "Dungeons and Gophers" is to build a simple game that can be played over Twitter. After a fixed interval of time, a tweet is made presenting a certain scenario, e.g.

"While walking on an empty road, you come across a delicious cupcake. Will you #eat it, #leave it or #pick it up for later use"

The game then monitors the hashtags upon randomly choosing a correct answer awards the users with the correct answer. A simplistic levelling system can be incorporated to level up players.

Alright, time to get coding!

Update 1 - 24th January 1:30PM UTC

Just went through A tour of Go and finished setting up Go on my Linux machine. I'm still not particularly comfortable with the syntax, however I believe that is to be expected.

Time to get started with the code.

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